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Indie Stuff I like

PC Indie games occupy all my gaming time these days, while Assassin's Creed sits unfinished in the 360. <_< All the games listed below are 2D. Most involve exploration or platforming or both. Graphics range from very simple to fairly elaborate. Game length from very short to full. All are free except Aquaria. (AUS was just recently made freeware.) All links are external unless otherwise noted.There is no particular order.

Aquaria (
An Untitled Story (
Dim (
Within a Deep Forest (
Knytt (
N (
Albero and the Great Blue Emblem (
Gregg the Egg (
Trilby: The Art Of Theft (
Seiklus (
Eternal Daughter (
Soldexus (
Iji (

Fancy Pants (
Fancy Pants - World 2 (
Shadow Factory (

Soldexus Map
Soldexus Map (zipped, somewhat more printer friendly)