Pictorial walkthru for MP2 "Abandoned Base" ghetto jump

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This is a very repeatable method for doing this jump (in this room).

Thanks to:
the_rowan for the GameFAQs topic that got me interested in this.
All who posted answers to my questions in that topic.
??? for the video that helped me nail down the mechanics.
M2K2 for hosting the video.

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This is the view from just past the door.
Move quickly up to this point, using the track-thingy in the pic for reference. Doesn't have to be perfect, you don't have much time.
Quickly turn to the right ("R"), to aim at the point shown in the pic. Let go of the stick and "R", and grab "L" (you'll be holding "L" until you are up on the ledge). Run forward and hit the jump button just as (or slightly before) you touch the wall. Hitting the wall before the jump button kills the ghetto effect (and the jump). Immediately move the stick to full left, and hold it there. Moving the stick to left before hitting the wall results in no ghetto effect (kills the jump).
Watch the cross-hair to follow the progress of the first jump. You'll be moving up and slightly left in an arc. At the top of the arc (highest point in the first jump) hit the jump button again to space jump. (It's very important to initiate the second part of the space-jump at or very near the apex of the first jump.) If you did it all right, you'll have plenty of height, and will land on the ledge. Quickly turn left, activate the portal, and step in.
Video (right click, "Save Target As...")

You should of course practice the jump with the Light-Suit before attempting this with the Varia. (You should have a save at Sky Temple.) You should have max tanks (4). This is actually an easy jump, or would be. It's just that you have only a couple of tries using this method before you die from exposure (you can run back to the other portal and recharge). If you are quick and make it the first time, expect to have between 250 and 350 energy left. If it takes two tries, considerably less. You'll have some DPGs to fight afterwards, but there is some energy available. The next step is to make the jump in one smooth motion from the door.