Pictorial walkthru for MP2 "GFMC Compound" ghetto jump
(early missiles 101%).

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This is a very repeatable method for doing this jump (in this room). It wouldn't look that great in a video like Flamy's, but hey...

Thanks to:
Shmoo_25 for the GameFAQs topic that got me interested in this.
All who posted in that topic with advice.
Flamancipator1 for the video that helped me nail down the mechanics.

Click on the pics for larger versions.
Move to where the cross-hair is in the pic.
Turn to face the missile door, then back-up to the wall.
Hold the left trigger and press the stick back-right to strafe down the wall to the point shown in the pic. Note how the vertical line of the black rock aligns with the red stone in the wall behind it.
Use free-look to put the cross-hair about in the middle of the two rocks then move forward...
Until you just touch the wall. Hold both triggers, and move the cross-hair close to the the little dark arrowhead on the wall. Let go of the right trigger and stick. (You'll be holding the left trigger for the rest of the jump.) The little arrowhead is your reference point.
Back up a few feet, run toward it (straight),...
and hit the jump button just as the cross-hair hits the reference point.
As you go up, roll the stick slightly left. If you do it right (the jump button timing is critical) you will feel a little snag at the apex of the jump, or just beyond. Move the stick to up-right at that point. It takes a little practice to get down the timing of the "stick-up-right".
If you don't let go of the left trigger, you can start another attempt just by finding the reference point with the cross-hair again. After you miss few tries, you should probably re-align everything. You might try starting from a little farther down the back wall. Or tightening the angle you hit the front wall at. Again, the jump button timing is critical. If you feel yourself stopping at the wall, you're too late. If you don't get the height, you're too early. Vary the timing, but use the reference point. The stick-roll to slightly up-left is easy to over do as well. Keep it smooth. If you feel the little snag at the top, you're real close.